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WEB design studio ABCname Odessa

Once you come to our site and gotto this section, then most likely you have decided to create their own site. If you have a business and not the site, you are on the right track.
Today no self-respecting company can not do without its own internet site. After all - it is not simplyPossibility to present your company in the World Wide Web. The site - it is possible to use a powerful information and advertising resource that can fulfill not one but a number of challenges, significantly optimizing and facilitating the work of the company. The site will save you time and money, provide & nbsp; a full range of services, information about products, thereby removing the burden with workers.

    Key site features:
  1. attract new customers - use the site as a promotional tool to advertise products and services company;
  2. IPuse the site as a trading platform - online shop;
  3. to support our products;
  4. use the site as an advertising platform, by placing advertisements on the site places - banners;
  5. analyze customer requirements, using a statisticallys data on the information this site;
  6. the sharing of data, mailing, polls and much more to attract new customers.

About creating sites with Odessa
We create websites, especially given theirbennosti and nature of tasks, we use an individual approach to each client. This concerns the design of the site, and the programming part.

    When you create a web site design takes into account:
  1. Psychology of color and composition;
  2. features of a humankey points of the elements of design, corporate style;
  3. Features of the text;
  4. Features of different browsers (Internet Explorer, Opera, Mazilla, FireFox, Netscape, etc.);
  5. Various authorization screens.
    And most importantly for us- It is the wishes of the customer.

Special attention would be given to the management system of its own design, called CMS. The control system allows to conveniently manage the loading site. This and the creation of news categories (the site), and filling of text information, photo gallery, product catalogs, banner management network site, and much more. When you create your Internet resource management system is configured for specific tasks of the site.

    Whencreating sites also take into account:
  1. especially optimization of html-code for search engines;
  2. optimization of schedules.

If you have already developed a corporate identity - Your Internet resource will complement it. If it does nott - we will develop it for you in full (starting from the development of the logo and brand selection of flowers to develop brendbuka) or in part.

After creating the site we'll help you place it on the server, if you already eaty domain name and paid hosting. If this does not happen - you have the opportunity to stay on our server - we also provide your hosting.

A redesign of the site to Brussels
If your current site is notsolves the tasks before it and the look is not important - we will redesign of specific challenges facing the site. The term "redesign" can mean: the reconstruction of the site, optimizing the site design, code optimization, refining, processing and adjustment of aapolneniya site, eliminating errors of design and programming of the site. Thus, the ordering we redesign the site, you have the opportunity to change not only the appearance of the site, but also to replace and improve its poorly functioning parts, to optimize the text for search engines.


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Working with databases
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