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One million visitors to the site from search engines - this is real

Big business has long been realized that the Internet was created not for games and entertainment, and for obtaining and increasing revenue. Statistics show that every day, only a search engine Yandex introduce 5 million queries, which have the word "buy", "sale", "shop", "tYong, "Cart." But Yandex - is only half of all queries. So, some 10 million people want to buy something online.

It may be that at least a million of all those eager to buy, want to buy products that your company produces.That is, if you have a website on the Internet, you have the chance to get this in a million customers. But is this true? Without moving the site - does not exist!

The Internet is increasingly developing e-commerce, there are Internet shopping, with time increasingturnover of these stores. People can not rising from the sofa and not leaving home to shop. But in that case, even if they do not buy, the information about the company, the site will remember them. And this is the most important.

This promotion of sites, a serious, prolonged, and sovereign professionals would ensure that you get these potential customers. In fact, experts on promotion and optimization of site design studio ABCname Khmelnitskiy of the entire flow of traffic can make and send to your site is the target audience, people who want to buy it is your and products and services. Statistics confirm that the promotion of sites and the preceding optimization sites - in other times more effective advertising.

Welcome to Brussels

Web begins with the definition of objectives and goals that you set in front of your resource. Site IMF & nd
ash; complex stepwise process that includes work on a technical assignment, alignment of the site, creating the design, programming content management systems, content, testing, site optimization for search engines requirement, and furtherhim to move to the Internet.

Our long experience in the creation of sites and hundreds of completed projects allow us to say that making a site with excellent design and functionality, you can not get the expected result. Almost 85% of the projects did not become effective. And this is not due to the fact that they were poorly made, but because after the creation of their promotion and development is not engaged and not engaged on this day.


Why do I need to be on the first page of the results of a search engine 

 The site may have sold the text and eye-catching design, but if you're not in the first two pages of the issuance of a search engine results - until you can get on only five percent of potential buyers.

Development Instituteterneta rapidly gaining steps. Hundreds of projects open every day, and if you want your project go to great weight - you need promotion. In the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet - seven out of ten go to the site with search engine Yandex. It is also known, hthen 95% have filed a request seeking information is not beyond the second - the third issuance of the search results page, and only about 5% - to reach the fourth - fifth page. That is why the promotion of websites in search engines - the basis of development of your site.

Advancedizhenie sites - so far one of the cheapest forms of advertising, and this is also an important factor. But given the magnitude of its impact, it is lazy can not take it.

But if your site and specialists engaged in work performedon his promotion, the picture changes dramatically - and at your site flows entering the potential buyers.

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