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Multimedia Odessa

Multimedia technology - a way of interactive cooperation of various forms of information such as: animation, sound effects, videos, grAfik, text, software elements. All this makes it possible to most clearly, accurately and most importantly available to convey information to the consumer.

Design Studio ABCname Odessa offers a full range of multimedia services:

Х Presentation - will demonstrate the types of services and products produced by the company about its strengths and areas.

Х banners - based on flash technologygies, look much better against the background static, and as quickly attracted the attention of potential customers;

Х flash games - while the player's interaction with the virtual environment, it is unobtrusive in the game form is transmitted advertisingI have information;

Х interactive features of sites;

Х photo and video catalogs.

The use of multimedia technologies will make your site a more contemporary, original and zapominayuschimsi am.


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